Who is the Tooth Fairy?

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If you want your child to enjoy losing their little baby chompers, then our dentist, Dr. Ed Perdue, encourages you to introduce the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy is a mythical creature that visits children after they have lost their little baby teeth. When telling your child about this friendly, beautiful and charming fairy, you can share the following Tooth Fairy details:

-The Tooth Fairy started her tooth-collecting career in Europe many years ago. When kids around the world started hearing about her, she started taking longer trips to visit them!

-The Tooth Fairy visits children when they lose their teeth. Many children place their teeth under their pillows or in special boxes or pocket pillows next to their beds.

-During the Tooth Fairy’s visit, she takes the tooth and replaces it with something valuable, like money or little trinkets.

-The Tooth Fairy is very quiet and only visits children when they are fast asleep. She doesn’t like to get caught! She is a very secret fairy.

-The Tooth Fairy cares for every child she visits. She loves them very much!

-You can help the Tooth Fairy by making sure the teeth you provide her are clean and healthy. This means you need to take good care of your chompers when they’re still in your mouth. You should also clean the teeth once they fall out of the mouth. The cleaner, the better!

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