Visiting the Dentist for the First Time

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As a parent, you want the most for your child, and that means ensuring that they’re seeing the best medical professionals who will see to attaining the child’s greatest health. We often get asked by parents when they should begin taking their children into our office for routine dental checkups.

We suggest you bring your infant into our office for their first oral appointment within half of a year of their first tooth erupting or before their first birthday. Visiting the dentist will hamper your child’s probability of creating cavities from plaque stockpiling. Your dentist will treat your child’s baby teeth, which are imperative placeholders for adult teeth, and they will help your child’s teeth grow into a healthy oral cavity that will benefit their oral and overall health for the remainder of their life. And setting the standard of good dental care early will aid your child to make the habits they need to retain a healthy mouth throughout their life.

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