Tips for Treating Teething

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As young children begin to come of age, their first set of teeth will begin to surface above the gums when they are roughly six months of age in a process known as teething. Although teething is entirely natural and necessary for the growth of teeth in children, it can be painful. For more information about treating teething, consider the following:

– Your child may begin teething as soon as their first tooth breaks the surface of the gums at the age of six months old.

– There are many signs that can transpire that can clue you into the possibility that your child is teething, including obvious changes in your child’s personality traits, including changes with their sleep and eating customs, as well as excessive fussiness, irritability, and drooling.

– Some symptoms can present an increased risk to your child and should be treated immediately. Symptoms include diarrhea, fevers, and unexplained rashes.

– Teething tablets can be prescribed for children, but should not be used for children under the age of 2, unless under the direction of a health care professional. Instead, stick to simple teething tools including teething rings, cool utensils such as spoons and gauze pads, or even clean fingers to rub against your child’s gums.

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