Focus Your Oral Health Care on Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Although we often think of our baby’s health first, we tend to put products in their drinking bottles to ensure they're getting the proper nutrition without first thinking about the ramifications the products can have on their smile. Although it may seem like a good idea to dip your child's pacifier or bottle top in honey or sugar to help... read more »

Yearly Oral Health Reminders: Pediatric Dentistry

It is important to maintain and care for your child's teeth as long as possible. This includes cleaning their teeth daily and making sure avoid various risks and hazards that can arise. You should care for their teeth until they are approximately 6 years old, at which point you can begin teaching them how to care for their teeth on... read more »

Writing Letters From the Tooth Fairy

Bringing the magic of the Tooth Fairy alive in your home can be fun and exciting for you and your child. Your child will be filled with wonder about the Tooth Fairy as she collects his or her baby teeth and leaves rewards in their place. You will be thrilled to create this joy and excitement in the life of... read more »

Breastfeeding Can Impact Your Child’s Oral Health

You likely know how excellent breast feeding can be for your baby. It helps him or her fight infection as well as reduces health risks such as asthma, ear infections, SIDS or obesity. It is even linked to your own physical health; if you can breastfeed, your chances of breast and ovarian cancer are reduced. What may be the most... read more »

Helping Your Kids Develop Dental Habits

Brushing your teeth is vital — anyone who’s been kissed can attest to that. And while you pray your little one won’t be kissed for about the next 30 years, starting down the road to good oral health is a necessity with children while they’re still young. That’s why we want to ensure the teeth-brushing (and flossing) training goes as... read more »

Oral Health Essentials: Tooth Brushing for Kids

As with adults, children need to brush their teeth at least twice daily. However, young children cannot brush their own teeth, so a caretaker should do it for them as soon as the first tooth erupts above the gum line. It is essential to always clean and care for your child’s oral health with proper tooth brushing tactics so that... read more »

Are You Informed about Thumb Sucking?

Although thumb sucking is generally seen as a common routine that children have, it can be a serious problem, and lead to severe oral health defects, including misalignments and slow growth of the permanent teeth. Thumb sucking can also cause malocclusions and other spacing issues that arise from the constant stress placed on the teeth. Thumb-sucking can be hazardous to... read more »

Ease Your Child’s Pain with Teething Treatments

Teething is normal part of every child’s life. Unfortunately, in many cases, it can be painful or discomforting for your child. Give your child a break with teething treatments. To learn more about teething, please read the following: - If while your child is teething, he begins to run a fever or has rashes that are unexplainable, he should be... read more »