Is Your Child a Frequent Thumb Sucker?

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A common habit that children often tend to partake in is thumb sucking. Although it seems fairly innocuous on the surface, in truth it can damage a child’s teeth and leave them with misalignments and growth hindrances that can follow them into their teen years.

Is your child a frequent thumb sucker? Listed below are important facts regarding thumb sucking in children:

– Bacteria from a child’s thumb can easily end up in their mouth when they suck their thumb, which opens a child up to a host of heightened risks associated with poor oral hygiene and bad bacteria in their mouth.

– Pacifiers are just as dangerous for a child’s oral health as thumb sucking can be, but pacifiers do tend to be an easier routine to stop and wean children from.

– Pediatricians can use nasty substances to wean children off thumb sucking by placing the substance on their thumbs.

– Children who suck their thumbs are typically more likely to develop alignment issues with their teeth.

– It is suggested to build a sense of self-worth in children to boost their self-esteem and help them rely less on thumb sucking as a means of a security blanket or defense.

– Thumb sucking can slow a child’s oral health progress and slow the rate at which teeth grow in.

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