How Safe Are Teething Rings?

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Is your infant teething? Are you using teething rings to try and soothe your child’s discomfort? While many parents have used some variation of them for years, and they can be effective at calming an infant, the rings may not be safe if they’re not used properly.

Typically, when we experience discomfort, we may use ice to seek relief. Teething rings, however should not be frozen, despite the fact that many parents have done so. When frozen, they can be so cold that an infant chewing on them, or even holding them, for a period of time could get frostbite. As is common, when it freezes the ring becomes firmer, but because of this it could injure your child’s gums. If your child wants something cold, you can place the ring in the fridge, which can make it cool enough to help soothe without freezing it.

Some teething rings are made with chemical additives like phthalates, which could leach out over time and might be ingested by your child. What may be similarly problematic are liquid-filled teething rings, some of which have been recalled in the past because of bacterial contamination. A child constantly chewing on it could cause the ring to burst and he or she might consume some of the liquid. Dr. Ed Perdue may recommend one made from a firm rubber without small parts, which could be potential choking hazards.

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