Helping Your Kids Develop Dental Habits

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Brushing your teeth is vital — anyone who’s been kissed can attest to that. And while you pray your little one won’t be kissed for about the next 30 years, starting down the road to good oral health is a necessity with children while they’re still young.

That’s why we want to ensure the teeth-brushing (and flossing) training goes as smoothly as it can for you and your kiddos. We trust that with these tips, they’ll build habits that will last for a lifetime.

-Get them to use the correct-sized toothbrush. A child can do their best if they have a smaller toothbrush with soft bristles since their gums and mouth are budding and sensitive.

-Don’t use too much toothpaste. Using too large an amount – or in some cases any – can make children heave, so never put on any more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to their brush. You can even make toothpaste optional until your child gets the hang of using the toothbrush.

-Make it entertaining! Allow your child to dance, listen to music or do whatever it takes to get them brushing their teeth. Using teeth-brushing as a penalty can often lead to oral neglect or phobia down the road, so try to make the experience as enjoyable as safely possible for your youngster.

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