Focus Your Oral Health Care on Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Although we often think of our baby’s health first, we tend to put products in their drinking bottles to ensure they’re getting the proper nutrition without first thinking about the ramifications the products can have on their smile. Although it may seem like a good idea to dip your child’s pacifier or bottle top in honey or sugar to help them drink the product, it can lead to an oral health condition such as baby bottle tooth decay.

Baby bottle tooth decay typically arises when your child’s smile is damaged due to sugars and other substances in baby bottles that can easily damage their teeth. Always avoid placing products in baby bottles such as sugar water, juice, energy drinks, or soft drinks. Instead use formula, milk, and breast milk only.

In addition, it is important to never allow your child to sleep with their baby bottle. This process can leave liquids pooling in their mouths while they sleep, which can increase the risk of tooth decay and cause other oral health issues to arise. For additional help with your child’s oral health care, visit their pediatric dentist for treatments and cleaning.

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