Dental Crowns for Children

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A pediatric dental crown is a custom-made dental restoration for children that covers an entire tooth to restore its strength, size, shape and appearance after it has been affected by a cavity or oral injury. Also called a cap, a dental crown may be recommended for your child to keep their smile strong and healthy.

Typically, dental professionals recommend dental crowns to restore permanent teeth that have been damaged. However, our dentist may suggest that your child receive a dental crown if they have a primary tooth that meets certain conditions. For example, a primary tooth that has been affected by tooth decay may require a dental crown if it doesn’t have enough remaining tooth structure to support a dental filling. Receiving one or more dental crowns can lower a high risk of tooth decay for many children.

You may find that a dental crown is especially beneficial if your child struggles to maintain a helpful daily dental hygiene routine. Furthermore, if your child has a hard time staying still and calm when receiving dental treatment, they may be a good candidate to receive dental crowns so that they won’t require the use of anesthesia as often. If our dentist determines that your child would benefit from a dental crown to cover a primary tooth, he may determine that a stainless steel dental crown is the best choice.

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