At our practice, we understand that each person in the world is unique. If your child requires special attention and care due to physical, medical, or mental limitations, our pediatric dentist and team can give your child the care they need. Providing dental care for patients with special needs requires love, patience, and kindness; Dr. Ed Perdue and our team provide all of these and more as they not only care for your child’s smile but also care for your child. If your child requires special needs dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee, we welcome you to call us at 615-662-2191 and set up your child’s visit with our caring team.

Children with special needs include those who require additional attention and care due to medical, cognitive, or physical limitations. Some of the most common conditions that children face include Autism, Cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, spina bifida, and many more. All of these conditions can make it difficult for both parents and the child to perform seemingly normal routines or activities, including routine dental care.

Those with special needs require professional dental care, just as everyone else does. However, it can be difficult for many special needs children to sit still long enough for routine dental care or more complex procedures. Some children may feel nervous or anxious, whereas others may love sitting in the dental chair. No matter your child’s situation, our pediatric dentist and team us their training and compassionate natures to care for each child. Depending on your child’s conditions or situation, we will work with you to find the best way to keep your child comfortable, happy, and safe during their treatment.

Having physical, cognitive, or other limitations can make it difficult for a child to perform routine dental care at home. When you bring your child to our practice, we will help you know how to help your child care for their teeth at home, and how to do it in a way that fits your child’s unique situation. We want your child to always have access to good dental care so they can keep sharing their smile with those around them! Please feel free to call or visit our practice with any questions, and for more information.

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